Saturday, August 26, 2006

The Magdalene Diaries

I love a good conversion story. Maybe it is because we are all in the process of change, and from moment to moment we become someone different. Maybe it's because that power to change inspires hope and gives us vision. Maybe its because even though the world tells us we are powerless, God gives His gift of Truth in Christ: that we are His and that turning to Him is the greatest joy a soul can aspire to.
It reminds me of a Jewish proverb I once read: Not a single blade of grass exists without a governing angel above it, whispering, tenderly "Grow...grow..."

I love Mary Magdalene. I love her because she was plagued by seven demons and was healed, that she was traditionally a prostitute before she converted. The story of her sitting at the feet of Christ, washing his feet with her tears and drying them with her hair and annointing them with expensive perfume is beautiful not only for such an amazing show of love and repentance but in that repentance this woman showed almost heroic strength. As a woman, and unclean, she was forbidden to touch Christ, let alone embrace His feet. I am sure the men in the room were less than kind to her as she made her way to Jesus and and sat before Him, rapt with adoration and thanksgiving and I am sure that fire in her soul made their protests and insults meaningless. She was defiant of these men and deaf to their judgements, her eyes, her heart and her soul filled with love of Christ, Who had set her free of them and healed her.


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