Sunday, October 29, 2006

Welcome to the Catholic Carnival #91

Hey fellow, Carnavalistas and stos...
I am the hostess with the mostest post-ests and I ain't afraid of no ghost-ests.
(hehehehe. I crack myself up.)

Welcome to the Halloween edition of the carnival.

Heading up this week's posts, over at The Simple Mind a great post on Genesis 1:31 by Hiyasmin R. Linatoc.

A parenthesis brings us two posts, a reflection after reading a book on St. Francis of Assisi and a book review on Catholic saints.

For a little pep talk before you hit the polls this coming election day, CatholicLand brings us a post on Voting .

HMS Blog sends along The Remnant ,
a reflection on the Mass readings for Sunday 10/29, focusing on the theological significance of Jesus’ healing of the blind man.

Writing to God, Sarah explores a difficult relationship in her life and the continuing journey of forgiveness with Letter to God and Reflection on Forgiveness . Sarah's way-awesome blog is Just Another Day of Catholic Pondering .

A Catholic Life brings us a post about the need to vote pro-life this Tuesday and information on pro-life endorsements for each state : Vote November 7th!" .

Nick over at phatcatholic apologetics writes about about the origins of Halloween, and about what the Church celebrates on and around this day. Here is Halloween and All Saints/All Souls Day.

Rifugio San Gaspare sent in this post titled A Time for Feasting . Fr. Jeffrey Keyes writes: "This week with the feast of St. Gaspar and the anniversary of ordination, it was time for feasting. The Party time concluded with the great Parish Annual Royal Feast of St. Edward the Confessor. I spent my ordination anniversary harvesting the remaining vegetables and herbs from my Garden and preparing a feast."

Surf on over to Peace! Be Still and read a rant directed towards this blogger's least favorite disfigurer of the floundering Culture of Life: Margaret Sanger: Founder of Planned Parenthood .

Wheelie Catholic writes about how God helps us find the time to do service work, even when we
think we are too Busy? with other things in our lives.

cehwiedel presents Should Catholics Vote in November? posted at Kicking Over My Traces.

Elena at My Domestic Church presents Praying for the Dead .

Christine writes: "I have two submissions for the Carnival this week. First, at Ramblings of a GOP Soccer Mom I have a post called Today’s Readings at Mass . (Original, huh?) In it, I contemplate a sentence from the second reading (Letter to the Hebrews), and ask for prayers for our priests and bishops. Also, at Domestic Vocation I have a post called Why I Have Not Left . In this post, I give reasons why our family is sticking by our parish, even if we are not pleased with the level of orthodoxy here." Blog ON, Christine!

Ales Rarus sends in Cardinal Wright Oratory Choir - Sicut Cervus. "I've posted some polyphony my old choir recorded a
couple years ago. The song I've provided the link to is one of my
favorites. The rest can be found in neighboring posts. I hope folks enjoy them all. :)"

Jay brings us two submissions, one at Living Catholicism entitled Taking a Day Off , a short meditation on resting with friends and how it can be beneficial to all and at Deo Omnis Gloria he brings us Stubbornness and the Christian Witness , Thoughts on being a good Christian witness courtesy of two little girls who understand stubbornness!

A Penitent Blogger posted Do not be deceived , a brief reflection on following Christ faithfully in a
world of rationalization.

From CatholicFire we have a special investigative report into the election campaign of Paul Morrison, "Catholic" democrat whose campaign is supported by the "blood" money of late-term abortionist George Tiller. Ironically, Morrison and his wife both serve in their Catholic parish helping prepare couples for marriage. You can read it here: Special Report: What The Secular Press Won't Tell You about “Catholic” Paul Morrison, Attorney General Candidate in Kansas .

Fellow artist Owen at Luminous Miseries finds it hard to imagine something there isn't a patron saint for. There's even one for pencil makers. More importantly, there's one for people like him; commuter bicyclists. Here's his take on it:
A saint for everything and now, this...

I had a great time hosting this week's Carnival. I wish you all a fabulous Halloween, and please remember the poor souls in purgatory and our glorious helpers in heaven this coming week. God Bless you all for sharing and evangelizing the faith through your blogs.


Blogger owenswain said...

Excellent hostessing. Thanks for such a good job.

8:06 PM  
Blogger Jean Heimann said...

Great job, Mikala!
Thank you.

God bless you,

5:23 AM  
Blogger Sarah Reinhard said...

Dear Hostess with the Mostest,
YOU ROCK! Thanks for doing such a great job! (And thank you for your kind words. *still blushing*)

5:39 AM  
Blogger Mikala said...

Nahh, you guys rock :) Keep writing!

8:09 PM  
Blogger merhime said...

Dear Mikala, I am a new blogger. It is a great opportunity to be included in your carnival. Thank you :) Oh, btw, we have moved Genesis 1:31 at Mind, Heart, and Mysteries [Hiyas]

5:49 AM  

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