Monday, September 04, 2006

Dead guys and dolls

Only 119 days til Christmas... is that why I suddenly want to collect all of these? *grin*

On a sadder note, the "Crikey!" Guy died!
Yeah, I'm bumming. Steve Irwin, that Austrailian crocodile guy with like too much energy died about a week ago from...get this...a STING RAY which apparently STUNG him. He was only 44. Ironically, next to this story was the story of a Mexican bullfighter who died at the age of 91. I wonder what the message is here? If you live in East Tennessee like I do, I suppose ..."It ain't them bulls that tar ya up, it's them dang ol' sting rays ya gotta watch out fer..."

Speaking of East Tennessee, as everyone eventually does, the Volunteers won last week, to my boyfriend's absolute happiness. I am football "ig-nit". He is a football freak. To the point where I get tears in my eyes as he gives me a play-by-play rundown of the game. Over and over again. And again.
And, yet, again.
Truth be told, he's cute and I'd probably listen to him sell boat insurance because he has this little way of spitting when he gets excited, and his eyes light up and get real mystical looking and glassy. And he drives a motorcycle, which makes up for a lot.
Like when he tells me the pac 10 suck this year and expects me to comment on it.
(What is a pac 10 anyway?)


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