Thursday, November 02, 2006


When I was recently seeking donations for a local "Walk for Life", I thought niavely that my non-Catholic christian friends would be happy to support the cause. The responses I got instead were things like,"Oh, I'd rather not. I have my own reasons." The idea of taking a stand against abortion seemed to make the women I approached uncomfortable, and the reluctant donation I did receive was mostly given to humor me out of friendship. I understand abortion is a huge issue, but I mistakenly thought that as christians we would all be like minded in knowing that the destruction of life is abhorrent to it's Author and Sustainer. Not so, sadly. It was extremely humiliating for me to realize ( me, as peaceable as one gets) I had to resist the urge to wave pictures of dead fetuses at people and accuse them of NOT being christian and instead pick up my rosary beads and pray. I had to recognize that God Himself, except for a relative handful of cases throughout history, does not infringe on our free will and choose to control us. As Our Lady has said "Pray, Pray, Pray!"

We have, as modern-day women been so duped into believing that paying a multi-billion dollar-a-year corporation, such as Planned Parenthood, to murder our unborn children somehow empowers us and gives us freedom. We have, sadly, been made to believe that in order to finally obtain "equality" in a so-called man's world, we must de-feminize ourselves, and become masculine. We have opted for a "If ya can't beat 'em, join 'em" type of resignation...and it is indeed a resignation, a sad surrender...and will continue to be until women are regarded as "equal" with regard to human rights in all of their femininity, in motherhood and in the businessworld.


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