Friday, September 08, 2006

14 Novenas In 18 Weeks

I am trying to psych myself into quitting smoking. I've got the right motivation, but I am really surprised at how frightening the idea of being without my cigs is. I know it is a psychological thing- I started smoking when I was 13 and they have been through thick and thin with me. Thing is, I know they are an obstacle in my spiritual life. I depend on them for relaxation and comfort, when I should not be placing anything above Christ. Secondly, I know how much damage I am doing to my body by smoking. Not good for the kids to see me or be around me smoking. And then there is the cost- why am I paying money to kill myself?

This Monday it will be 5 years since the 9/11 attack on New York. On Monday, in remembrance of the 3000 people that died (and all those who have sufferred torture and terrorism), I am going to start a series of 9 day novenas and "fast" from smoking. It will be an 18 week prayer schedule that will lead me through Advent and into the new year. By January 15 I hope to have completed 14 Novenas and 126 days smoke-free.

My Novena schedule:

1. Monday September 11 through Tuesday September 19: Novena to God the Father.
2. Wednesday September 20 through Friday September 29: Novena to The Sacred Heart.
3. Saturday September 30 through Sunday October 8:Holy Spirit Novena
4. Monday October 9 through Wednesday October 18: Novena to The Immaculate Conception.
5. Thursday October 19 through Friday October 27: Novena to St. Joseph.

6. Saturday October 28 through Sunday November 5: Holy Souls Novena.
7. Monday November 6 through Tuesday November 14: Novena to St. Max Kolbe.
8. Wednesday November 15 through Thursday November 23: Novena to St. Edith Stein.
9. Friday November 24 through Saturday December 2: Novena to St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta.
10. Sunday December 3 through Monday December 11: Novena to St. Francis of Assisi.
11. Tuesday December 12 through Wednesday December 20: Our Lady of Guadalupe Novena.
12. Thursday December 21 through Friday December 29: Holy Family Novena.
13. Saturday December 30 through Sunday January 7: St. Terese of the Child Jesus.
14: Sunday January 8 through Tuesday January 16: Novena to Padre Pio.


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