Wednesday, December 06, 2006

This week's Catholic Carnival... up at Kicking Over My Traces . Lots of good schtuff this time around,including these tasty bits:

Chore Time by lovely Sarah at Just Another Day Of Catholic Pondering about feeding sheep and other medatative things.

Saint Of The Year Devotion by Moneybags at A Catholic Life . Send in your info and get one while they're hot!

Hope by Steve Bogner over at Catholicism, Holiness and Spirituality . Short but sweet and a much needed reminder that hope is ...well, much needed!

The Seven Habits of Faith by John Gedbaw at A Grain of Wheat is a great post on how to take a "Faith Inventory" to help your faith grow daily.

Funky's wife, Stuff over at Ales Rarus writes about The Vocation of Marriage and Parenthood. I like her "the more, the merrier" ideas about kids. Now, if I could just get the marriage part right....

Herb Ely writes about On Distractions in Prayer: Advice From The Hasidic Jewish Tradition . I love to read about the Baal Shem, a way-holy Jewish dude who began the Hasidic Jewish tradition in the first place. I've gained a lot in my Catholic journey reading about his life and his writings...hope you do too.

And oh my, I have discovered the beautiful Kitchen Madonna and her tasty blog! Please read KM Beef Stew Recipe... and take some time to browse around. Her delightful kitchen is a yummy place to warm up this season.

All the posts are worth a read, these are just some I've read today. Enjoy!


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Glad you enjoyed my two cents, Mikala. :)

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