Thursday, January 04, 2007

The 2007 Mag Awards

I've decided to start awarding the much-desired and highly sought-after Magdalene Diaries Holy Spirit 2007 Awards to those heroes, mundane and illustrious, who stand up for the cause of human dignity, fight back against the culture of death and hold firm in the wake of opposition, especially those who take a hit for it, personal or otherwise. These folks, regardless of their religious affiliations, are motivated by the Holy Spirit whether they know it or not; they focus on the rights and needs of others above themselves.

The first recipient of The Magdalene Diaries Holy Spirit 2007 Award goes to this guy . Please pray for James L. Sherley, who is threatening to go on a hunger strike to obtain tenure at MIT, having been denied it because he refuses to participate in Embryonic Stem Cell Research . He also roundly condemned scientists who engage in embryonic stem cell research (which includes a number of his colleagues at MIT) for ethical carelessness and suspect motivations.

"In the minds of many scientists," he said, "being first to clone human embryos guarantees a Nobel Prize and bronze statues in their likeness. When such motivation for fame and fortune is combined with the fragmentary, variable, and overall uncertain regulatory environment surrounding human embryo research, the risk for ethical misconduct is high and pervasive." Mr. Sherley may not be taking a stand against embryonic research because he believes in the right to life, but he is concerned about corruption and unethical practices and cares enough to stand up against MIT because of it.

What have you taken a stand against today?

In contrast to the Holy Spirit 2007 Award, we have the much-maligned and just generally nasty Crispy-Critter Award for 2007.

(Make sure you tell the kids not to try out for this one.)It is awarded to those who are not fortified by the Holy Spirit and choose to promote the culture of death, take advantage of others, and basically stink up the place. They, unfortunate wretches that they are, like the poor damned guy from Michelangelo's painting (who looks like he can't believe he ate the *WHOLE* thing!)will spend eternity as a Crispy Critter unless they get it together. Please add them to your prayer lists.


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